We developed a new decks layout which enables you to enjoy your time on the water even more than before. We maximised the space on board and created a lowered reclining area on the after deck, which has no annoying stays or sheets that can bother your piece. As well we improved the handling of the boat by using angled spreaders and an electric motor. So you can focus on the important: the fun of sailing.


This boat connects a wooden finish with modern design. See here for yourself and get an impression.

Regatta Dates

You can participate in a lot of different races with our boats. Find here a brief overview of the events.


In our brochure you will find all necessary informations about our Lake35. From features to equipment.

Construction / Development

An extended waterline, a modern rig, and an extremely rigid moulded hull make it possible that this boat moves quickly and safely on water in all circumstances. The new layout of the deck ensures optimal usage of the available space. An open stern and a large, bright cabin offer sufficient space to spend the day on the water by yourself or with your family. The serial 4.0kW electronic motor by Kräutler supplies you with the propulsion needed when manoeuvering or on calm days. Furthermore the large steering wheel gives you a whole new feeling when sailing a boat of this size.

Main dimensions

Description Dimension
Length 10.50 m
Beam 2.44 m
Draught 1.40 m
Weight 2800 kg
Ballast 1100 kg
Sail area 55 m2

Advantages over traditional wooden boats

  • The could moulded hull is extremely rigid, complete watertight, no swelling, no shrinking and no cracking of the hull during winter storage
  • Modern and durable varnish systems enable longer maintenance intervals.
  • The spacious cockpit gives you the freedom of movement at all times.
  • Three bulkheads keep the boat floating for a long time incase of an emergency.
  • High quality and custom made fittings guaranty a safe handling of the boat in heavy wind conditions.
  • A self-bailing cockpit (electrical pump) simplifies the draining of the cockpit.
  • The built in electric motor with 4,0kW makes maneuvering the boat in the harbour easy and comfortable.


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