Since 1995 Markus Glas GmbH boat yard has managed to fully re-establish an old classic on Bavarian lakes. Adjusted to modern technical findings and current needs of sailors, the L95-type boat doesn’t stop to amaze. The dynamic qualities ideal for sailing and its noble wooden appearance are a successful combination, which enables a brilliant and above all secure handling in all conditions. Whether you are sailing by yourself or with a crew, regattas or simply for relaxation on a beautiful afternoon, the L95-type boat is always the right choice.


The classic appearance harmonizes perfectly with the wooden finish. See here for yourself and get an impression of our L95.

Regatta Dates

You can participate in a lot of different races with our boats. Find here a brief overview of the events.


In our brochure you will find all necessary informations about our L95-type boat. From features to equipment.

Construction / Development

For lack of old plans graduate engineer Klaus Röder of Carpe Diem Yacht Design was commissioned to develop a modern L95-type boat. The streamlined underbody in combination with the separated lateral plan and the balanced rudder far astern resonates perfectly with the classic lines above the water. The L95 combines tradition with the possibilities of today in a peerless way. The hydrodynamically optimised design has the following characteristics:

  • Maximum length of 9.05m (up to 9.20m LOA boats do not have to be registered on Bavarian lakes)
  • Maximum possible CWL for ideal speed
  • Smallest possible frame area in the midship frame with narrowest waterline possible in upright trim
  • V-shaped forebody in connection with a wide and flat stern for the longest possible waterline in heeled trim as well as good characteristics in head wind situations
  • Maximum possible size of mast (12m above deck) and maximum permissible position of the forestay (9.5m above deck) with large J-dimension (J=2.59m). This results in a highly efficient profile of sails for largest possible forward thrust
  • Aluminium mast with low top weight
  • Separated lateral plan with balanced rudder far astern
  • Stabilising fin-shaped lead keel with attached weight with low centre of gravity for maximum possible stability
  • Lead keel with a weight of 620kg resulting in an ideal ballast ratio.

Main dimensions

Description Dimension
Length 9.05 m
Beam 2.01 m
Draught 1.10 m
Weight 1300 kg
Ballast 650 kg
Sail area 30 m2

Advantages over traditional wooden boats

  • The could moulded hull is extremely rigid, complete watertight, no swelling, no shrinking and no cracking of the hull during winter storage
  • Modern and durable varnish systems enable longer maintenance intervals.
  • The spacious cockpit gives you the freedom of movement at all times.
  • Two bulkheads keep the boat floating for a long time incase of an emergency.
  • High quality and custom made fittings guaranty a safe handling of the boat in heavy wind conditions.
  • Two electric pumps simplify the draining of the cockpit.
  • The hydrodynamically integrated electric motor with 1.6kW makes maneuvering the boat in the harbour easy and comfortable.


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