Since 1979 have we successfully built dragons for satisfied customers from all around the world. The results at world, European, and German championships highlight the potential of our boats, which are continuously adapted according to the latest technical challenges. The feedback from our sailors, which are well versed in all sorts of regattas, are directly incorporated in the development. So for example a number of the fittings on board are built according to our own specifications. Furthermore we offer a complete all-around service, starting with personalised construction including special fittings via transport ranging to the settlement of all things insurance related, etc. Just ask us! Since summer 2013 the GRP work is made in Poland. The final assembly and the quality control is still done at our yard in Possenhofen. Our own optimised hull shape has been in production since the year 2000.


Looks good even beside the race course. See here for yourself and get an impression.

Regatta Dates

You can participate in a lot of different races with the dragon. Find here an overview of the events.


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Construction / Development

The 3G-series is the further development of our MAX06-model. With innovations in fabrication and fittings the boat is pushing the limits to a new standard. Our goal has been to enhance the performance of the boat especially with the redesign of the spinnaker hatchet, the seals of the bulkheads and the safety in borderline situations. The knowledge of decades in dragon sailing from world champion Markus Glas has led the way by designing our new model. As a result the performance of the boat is amazing.

Main dimensions

Description Dimension
Length 8.90 m
Beam 1.95 m
Draught 1.25 m
Weight 1700 kg
Ballast 1000 kg
Sail area 27.7 m2

Innovations coming with the dragon model 3G:

  • Centrally arranged spinnaker chute with deck flush chute hatch
  • Spinnaker launcher arranged on port side for better handling during setting and taking in
  • Ergonomic coaming widening for relaxed outriding
  • Self draining bulkheads
  • Raised cockpit floor in the cabin (“Tully Tunnel”) for an organised boat
  • 2500 litres buoyancy for more saftey
  • Electronic pump as a standard


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